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1394 Pacific Ave
San Francisco
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House of Appreciation produces media campaigns and community initiatives with a focus on public health, women's empowerment and creative capacity-building. Based in San Francisco, we work with creatives and clients nationwide.  


Producer Power Circle

Building community and resources for female producers in the Bay Area.



Producer Power Circle is a collective of independent female producers in the Bay Area. Our vision is to connect a small and mighty group of like-minded producers to provide resources, opportunities and support for each other. We believe that together we can elevate everyone's success!


Quarterly Meet-up in San Francisco & Oakland

We host a meet-up for producers to share our work, knowledge, resources and opportunities. This unique event is a valuable opportunity to network with professionals from other industries we may not otherwise connect with. It's also safe space to vent about production life, share laughs, swap stories and gain fresh perspectives. Cheaper than therapy!


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