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1394 Pacific Ave
San Francisco
United States

House of Appreciation produces media campaigns and community initiatives with a focus on public health, women's empowerment and creative capacity-building. Based in San Francisco, we work with creatives and clients nationwide.  


House of Appreciate is a space for thinking bigger, investing in ourselves and each other, and working on projects that will generate longer term prosperity for ourselves, our families and our communities.

We are made up of a family of independent creatives. 

We are poets, producers, designers, photographers, explorers, artists, teachers, filmmakers and connectors. Whether freelance or full time, business owners or students, we all strive to spend our time on work that is meaningful to us. We value good vibes and soul connections over transactional interactions. We practice the art of appreciation - recognizing our worth and treasuring each other with respect and compassion. We are about building with like-minded people, investing in ourselves and our future, contributing something of value to others, and feeling valued in return.

Together we aim to elevate consciousness and prosperity for ourselves, our families and our communities.